What's Going On

UPDATE: At 9:30 AM on 11/10/2020, faculty and staff received an email from the president which read in part, "The Board voted to approve ALL recommendations in the report and the timelines associated with them. However, the Board elected to temporarily suspend the proposed elimination of academic programs (recommendations A-1-A-18 in the report) to allow for the impacted academic programs to do further analysis and propose a restructuring plan with equivalent financial impact.

The temporary suspension allows the faculty members in the impacted programs to work with their Dean and colleagues to restructure or redesign organizationally, administratively, or programmatically to make their program more efficient, impactful, and financially sustainable."

The resolution and guidelines from the Board of Trustees is available at the bottom of the page. This fight is not over...

In January, Doane's Board of Trustees announced they were initiating a resource prioritization review of every program on campus, both academic and administrative. Academic programs were ranked into quintiles by a faculty task force, and then the president was given the power to decide what, if anything, to cut. The table on this page shows his decisions. They include three nonresidential programs (marked CPS in the table) and 15 residential ones.


Lower quintile ranking are supposed to indicate less effective programs, but almost half (8/18) of these programs were from the top three quintiles. Additionally, while there are four programs on this list for which no financial data exists, the other 14 turn a collective $420,000 profit for the institution, according to the data provided by the university.